giraffe“Dear giraffe’s friends, my colleague, Edith Sauerbier, has created the “giraffe’s post” – an everyday email with a  short impulse. There is a 10-day, free test subscription which one can extend. I have liked these 10 days in such a way that I order it! It supports me to practice daily!”
Doris Schwab

„I find the giraffe’s post simply wonderful – it supports me to integrate NVC more and more in my life: It makes easy practicing and applying for me.
After 10 days of test subscription I have decided for the whole year program. Now I have a block near my bed and really (almost) daily I write at least a few headwords down. Ease – inspiration – development come true in this for me. And because my friend has also subscripted, connection is also present.“
Ulrike Michalski

“The everyday giraffe’s post is a welcome moment for pausing in the swarm of the everyday life – over and over again anew and reflecting on the own needs.”
Annette Kompa

The giraffe’s post is “an everyday impulse for me to look on my day with awareness – I like the idea to inspire people on this way. There attention comes true for me for the details of the life which move in the everyday life easily in the background. I wish you success with it, because I see a lot of work behind it.”
Elke Wilhelm

“It is a joy to open every day the giraffe’s post, because it serves to remain with me and to visualise to me daily my own, internal strength, while I follow for a short time the suggestions which offer the exercises me.
They often conjure a smile on my face with which I can go then to the day.
Thanks, Edith, for these suggestions.”
Christiane Welk

I am glad about more feedback!