About me

I am passionate about Nonviolent Communication NVC and feel blessed to be part of the growing international network of trainers and practitioners who offer it to the larger community. The most significant aspect of NVC is for me to contribute to a world in which we live in peace with each other.

I hope very much to support this vision with the Giraffe’s Mail. Easy. Simple. With joy.

I first met Marshall Rosenberg in 2002 while studying mediation. I felt immediately at home with NVC. At that time, I was already an adult educator for more than 15 years. I started my career as a catholic theologian, then left the institution of the Catholic Church and worked at a women’s retreat and conference center for several years before settling down in private practice.

Since 2004, I have worked part time as political director for the German Trade Union Federation. I also provide mediation, coaching, and NVC trainings. Furthermore, I conduct interfaith funeral services as well as shamanic rituals and Reiki sessions. The nonjudgmental language of NVC complements wonderfully the healing aspect of my work.

I love to use my skills and trainings to design and facilitate transformative personal growth processes. It is with great joy, that I create conditions and experiences, which support awakening to the divinity that lies within each of us. The foundation of my work is based on love and empathy toward self and others.

I am grateful to be part of this growing movement of NVC trainers and practitioners all over the world. Lets tap into our highest potential and co-create a more peaceful and harmonious world!